Ken Lyons (3rd Dan), is a qualified SEKU Karate Instructor and has been practising Karate for over 20 years. Ken began training in his 40’s, which is perhaps reasonably late in life to begin but this demonstrates that you can start at any age and enjoy the benefits of regular training. Ken began training initially to encourage his daughter (aged 10 at the time) to learn self-defence and to help her gain confidence. The training sessions included both adults and children and seemed a fun way to keep fit so he joined the club with his daughter. Three years later Ken and Katie had progressed through the grades to (4th Kyu) and had taken part in numerous competitions but Katie had school exams and other interests and she gave up training and dad was left to progress on his own. By now Ken had got the bug and was an enthusiastic student, keen to improve and master the more difficult techniques and Kata. At this time, Ken discovered that although the big ‘Five O’ was gradually looming closer he was generally getting fitter. Prior to taking up Karate he had suffered from a mild form of arthritis but it now appeared that the condition was getting better and the regular exercise was undoubtedly doing some good.


INSTRUCTOR Norman Benn (1st Dan) on the left alongside Sensei Naka

Norman Benn (1st Dan), A club assistant instructor who regularly  participates in SEKU Instructor training along with other Black belt students. He has trained at the renowned Budokwai martial arts club in London and now regularly trains and holds joint membership at Portsmouth Karate Club, which is SEKU’s Honbu (HQ) run by Chairman, Chief Instructor and SEKU founder Sensie Mick Dewey (8th dan).  Norman also trains in Gibraltar with Gibshot, affiliated to SEKU, with its President and Chief Instructor Frankie Hatton (4th dan).  He also when he can visits international seminars featuring JKA Sensei Naka Tatsuya (7th dan) and Sensei Okuma Koichiro (7th dan) these courses continue to develop Norman’s knowledge and experience, which he brings to the club and its members. Norman still competes being a Medal winner in both Kata and Kumite in SEKU Championships.

All Machi Dojo instructors have completed Disclosing and Barring Service (“DBS”) checks.