At Machi Dojo we provide regular Shotokan Karate training in Uxbridge Middlesex. We endeavour to maintain the high standards that are set by the Shotokan of England Karate Union.

We typically work in mixed groups with students of varying levels of experience and fitness who only require a keenness to train and learn. In fact, no experience is necessary to start the Karate journey.  Students can range from children of 6 and above through to juniors and adults with no upper age limit.

The Dojo is open to anyone who wishes to take advantage of our Free First Lesson, or just come along and watch to see if karate is for you before taking the first step onto the dojo floor.

As parents are you looking for your children to put down social media and electronic-games for a short time to progress the development of life skills and also gain self-defence skills, which are so important in todays society.  Why not bring them along and if it works for you participate in the lesson yourself whilst you are at the dojo and make it shared fun family time. Discounts available for families.

The Dojo is also open to adults who wish to train intermittently on a casual basis through to dedicated Karateka and those returning to the karate journey. Discounts available on a pay monthly basis.

No matter if you are child, junior or adult the benefits of Karate include:

  • Fitness and endurance;
  • Mental focus and concentration;
  • Respect and discipline;
  • Flexibility;
  • Self – defence techniques, protection and practical application;
  • Awareness and self control;
  • Self development, self confidence and self esteem;
  • Teamwork, supporting others and cooperation;
  • Part of a club and making new friends.

It’s all in the title “Martial Art” which is a journey of learning, dedication and hard work for all members, not just serious Karateka. No matter what level you are in the journey, being a child, junior or adult starting out or experienced Black Belt,  we always remind our members of the absolute requirement for respect and control of the karate skills being develop, whether in or outside the dojo.

If you are interested in having a go, give us a call or email us here.